Acorp Consultants

Don't think twice about it, just go with them!

Abhik and Atish are among very few interior experts who look at your business needs along with your interior requirements. If they are working with you, they become your partner who gives you honest feedback, deliver on time, and maintain top-notch quality. I highly recommend their services.

Aashit Verma



Enthusiasm, dedication and sincerity

The team is filled with energy and enthusiasm. They always work with full dedication and sincerity. The team always believe in providing solutions keeping the client interest. The combination is a great combination if someone is looking for a Design and Build team.

Manas Mehrotra


315 Work Avenue

A job Well Done!

We got Acorp to do Studio for Cuemath and our experience with them has been good. One interesting thing about the team is their chemistry and their capabilities to ideate and come up with solutions quickly. Also, they finished our work in record time in 1 month keeping the timelines in mind. Team is very aggressive when it comes to work. If a new project comes up, we would like to engage Acorp once again.

Abhinav A

Project Manager,


Delivered as Promised in Tough Times

Acorp team took on our project with great enthusiasm, meeting tight timelines to have our new office space ready within 60 days, and that too in the time of COVID restrictions. The team was dynamic to respond to changing requirements during the build and managed to accommodate the same to our complete satisfaction. Their team was thoroughly professional and it was an absolute delight to work with them.

Neel Mehta

Director and Co-founder

Asteria Aerospace

A Team full of experience, commitment and expertise

Acorp is a company that stands for Quality, Expertise & Reliability which are very important in the field of Building & Architecture. I got in touch with them in Bangalore and loved their eye for detail and depth of knowledge in every aspect of the entire cycle of construction that has many phases. Before meeting them also I had been involved in few construction projects both personal and commercial and I faced some common issues during the execution of the projects at almost every stage. Coming form a non-construction background but a decent corporate experience, I have always felt that the line of construction is a very unorganised sector. I have always faced the issues of Timeline and Professionalism dealing with people involved at every stage of the construction process. To be very honest, I have never seen a person in this line that understands the meaning of the word TIMELINE and I guess that’s why in North there is a Phrase which is very popular – “You can only decide when to start construction but you are at the mercy of the workers when they will complete it”. People live and die by this phrase and that’s the reason why initiating a construction project comes with huge fears in the mind. All these experiences left a very bitter taste in my memory because there was hardly any project which didn’t get delayed or offtrack from the initial commitment made due to unprofessional behaviour form one or other person in that project cycle. I met Team Acorp with the same set of notions based on my past experiences and it took me time to understand that these guys are a totally different pedigree – the kind I had never encountered in the construction field! Dealing with them was a breeze for me. They all compliment each other and bring their own set of expertise to the table. They have an expert for every stage of the project, which is such a big relief as construction has so many facets and as a layman you get confused when on-site workers ask you strange questions about which you have no clue and they end up taking advantage of your innocence and stick you something that you realise was not good later. But if you have these guys around, they will ensure that this will never happen to you. It’s hard not to notice a high level of common sense and an eye for detail in their team. They possess extra levels of patience to deal with any kind of situation and amicable nature to get work done form the lowest strata of workers. It was hard to believe seeing them change gears and go down to the level of daily wage workers at site in the snap of a second while they were explaining something to me! I am not an architect or have any relation with anything closely related field of interior designing or construction but yes I am an experienced person and have seen considerable life so I have an eye to identify substance! And I can assure everyone that I have seen these people work and they are one hell of an EXPERT and MASTER at what they do. Since I have worked very closely with them I can go on and on to explain how good they are but I guess I would leave something for the next project that we outsource to them!

Wishing You all Great Luck for all your future endeavours. Never change as this industry needs more thorough Professionals like you!

Saahil Harjai

Program Director


Amazing Experience and Excellent Quality

Our experience with Acorp was excellent. We are very happy with the way Shreyansh and Praveen managed the project. They were always approachable. Communication was excellent. Shreyansh and his team understood our expectations well and provided timely updates and necessary inputs. They managed to keep project on track in spite of hurdles posed due to Covid situation and lock down. Quality of work was excellent. All changes were promptly accommodated.

Praful Wairagade
Tower Automotive

Excellent all-round support

We would like to thank Acorp Consultants for building our new office at Hyderabad. Shreyansh & Praveen were excellent with the support and were always available when we were at site and guided us with the progress updates. In spite of the lockdown and restrictions, they were able to deliver on time. We would like to appreciate the Acorp team for their all-round support and wish them luck, and we would highly 

recommend them.


Srinivasa Rao Devineni
System Administrator
AppsTek Corp

Transparent & Supportive Approach, No Compromise on Quality

Acorp has a skilled team with good understanding of the entire project execution. Transparency in the management made it easy to communicate & to get the required outcome. They have a quick turnaround time and can adapt to the changes swiftly. We are impressed with the way the last minute modifications were executed. Our project was delivered within the stipulated timelines with no-compromise in quality despite adhering to COVID guidelines. Needless to say, the team is very transparent and is very supportive in approach. Looking forward to work with Acorp again.

Purna Nalamotu
Senior Manager – Admin & Projects