FICO (NYSE: FICO) is a leading analytics software company, helping businesses in 90+ countries make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Acorp Consultants was tasked with designing a 13,160 sq. ft. cafeteria at the FICO Bangalore office located at 4th floor, RMZ Titanium, HAL Old Airport Road.

While designing the FICO cafeteria, Acorp worked closely with a client who knew exactly what they wanted in terms of design and demanded uncompromising attention to detail with regards to execution.

The design scheme proposed meticulously integrated FICO’s branding. The deep blue color of the FICO logo along with a base palette of grey and white undertones became a key aspect of interior styling concept which provided character, depth and soul to the space.

Creating a statement of unassuming elegance and a diverse user experience was the holy grail of the design.

A crucial aspect that FICO wanted to achieve was a diverse empirical design for different parts of the entire café, providing discrete user experiences for every space. Hence, the entire café has been designed like disparate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but when they come together, they conform with each other in harmony and euphony.

The floor plate is set about a very well-defined reception and waiting space which is a perfect blend of formal and informal lounge. The key feature of this space is the Tree of Life with seating around it adorned with hanging green creepers and lights, enhancing the gleaming aura of the entire space.

The vibrancy and mystery of the cafeteria are emulated through the use of abundant greenery inside like creepers hanging from the ceiling, pot plants and planter boxes, while the blue and grey paints dressing the walls and portals along with blue and grey solid and patterned tiles create a cohesive and glamorous design language throughout the space.

The look is further alleviated by playfully arranged sets of furniture, comprising of different types of high counters with barstools, booth-seating, curved bench seating and simple café tables and chairs. An innovative approach is reinforced in various types of decorative lighting fixtures in every part of the café which converge with colorful graphics and all the design elements creating a unique overlay of infectious energy and palpable excitement for the users.

The pinnacle of the design is the collab dining area at the rear end of the floor plate which is beautifully crafted with curves in the ceiling and seating which graciously melds together to celebrate sophistication and grandeur.